Monday, November 18, 2013


I started this blog a little over a year ago and when looking back on what has happened over the year, I think this has been a good experiment. Over the last few months I have neglected posting because I have been transitioning to a new job and working my old job until a suitable replacement was found. I am happy to report, I finished training that suitable replacement and I am down to one job now. So I have more time on my hands,  I have been thinking about if I feel writing about my tanning experience has been worthwhile and if I should continue. Based on the feedback I have had from friends and strangers, I am going to keep blogging, and I plan to put more effort into keeping it up because I believe my experience has actually helped people.

I have been amazed at how many people have contacted me after reading my blog, or have messaged me on Facebook after reading a comment I have made on an article. I hear from people who have been diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency with levels in single digits or low numbers like my own when I started tanning. This is a widespread problem and I can’t help but think about the dermatologist testifying in Denver about how Vitamin D deficiency isn’t all that common and it is just a red herring.  He was very wrong.  I am just a small time blogger and I have heard stories from dozens of people over the last year that have the same deficiency story I had.  I am not an isolated incident and I know that because of the feedback over the year.

I have heard from people that tell me that their doctor recommended tanning to treat their deficiency, but they are afraid to tan because they think it is an automatic skin cancer sentence. They don’t understand that moderation is the primary goal in a professional salon. After reading my story, they have a little different perspective. I am not here to sell anyone on tanning, I just want to spread the word that there is more to it than what the media and medical industry want them to know. I want people to know the other side and research the benefits of moderate, responsible tanning. Then they can make a more informed decision about what is right for them.

There are some people I know personally that have decided to tan in a professional salon because of my experience. They have come to me asking questions about salons I recommend and how I got started. I have been approached by strangers asking about how long and how often I tanned. I always tell them to find a salon they are comfortable with and make sure they get a tanning schedule based on their own skin type.  What worked for me will not work for everyone and a trained professional would be better at helping with those kinds of questions than I would. I’m just here to say that tanning is a viable option for people like me and that there can be successes and benefits if that is the path they choose.

So I feel good about having had a little influence over turning around some of the negative connections people make to tanning. I hope to continue to tell my story and at least get some people to think twice before just assuming the worst. Tanning worked for me, and I am not alone, it is time our stories are heard.

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