Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Healthy Vitamin D Level

I got my blood test results back from my doctor a few weeks ago.  My Vitamin D level is at an above average 63ng/ml. (Target range is in the 40-60ng/ml) Knowing my level helps me gauge how I am doing with my health. Last year when I was tanning for short periods of time every 2-3 days and gradually building my base tan, I was tested and had a blood level of 75ng/ml. Halfway through the summer I started scaling back my time in the sunbed to shift into more of a “maintenance mode”. I was also spending more time outdoors so I knew my level was likely very high.  Once the fall and winter came around, I continued my “maintenance” schedule of tanning 12-15 minutes every 7-10 days in a sunbed with a 20 minute maximum.  Just 3 months ago my salon replaced those 20 minute max beds with 15 minute max beds and I adjusted my time down again to 5-6 minutes once a week.  To find that I am maintaining a high Vitamin D level through these adjustments is reassuring to me that I am doing what is best for my health. 

May is Natural Breast Cancer Prevention Month.  What many people don’t know is that a healthy Vitamin D level is a great way to naturally prevent breast cancer.  That is because Vitamin D slows/ prevents cell mutation.  I wouldn’t presume to be an expert on the subject as to how it all works. I have looked up a few sites and perhaps just posting links to those sites would be more beneficial for you, the reader to look at. 

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