Sunday, February 17, 2013

Supplemental Inconsistency

A report came out this week stating that Vitamin D supplements have been found to be inconsistent with their dosage. 55 bottles, 12 different brands, both over the counter and prescription, were tested and found to have as little as 9% or as much as 146% of Vitamin D as the bottle’s label claimed.  Not only were there large variances in the supplements by brand, but also in the same bottle, pills varied in potency. With this information, it made me glad I decided to treat my Vitamin D deficiency through UV exposure instead of depending on a pill, like my doctor wanted me to do.

For someone that is Vitamin D deficient, they may have a false sense of security that they are taking care of the problem through supplements. They may think they are increasing their level and protecting themselves from so many health risks associated with low Vitamin D. When in reality they may not be getting enough Vitamin D to raise their level by even 1 point. This recent discovery is concerning to me.  We have such a high percentage of the population that is Vitamin D deficient and supplements are not going to help reduce that number, if they are not consistent or accurate.  Until the time when the variances in supplements are eliminated, UVB exposure through a tanning bed could be the most appropriate solution for many people. In the controlled environment of a salon, it seems it would be more reliable than a pill.

I know with each of my tanning sessions I am getting 10-20k IU of Vitamin D produced naturally through my skin’s receptors by being exposed to UVB rays. My body effectively and efficiently tolerates this method better than what can be found in a pill.  I also get the added mood boost which is a nice benefit a pill can’t provide.  It would be nice to get more information and publicity out there that UV exposure is really the best way to increase and/or maintain a healthy Vitamin D level. 

Know your level, keep checking it, and don’t count on a supplement to be your only source of Vitamin D if you can help it.

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