Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunlight, Vitamin D and My Friends

I've written in this blog how I discovered that sunlight is the only real way to get vitamin D, and how visiting a tanning salon changed my life forever. 

Before tanning — I was vitamin D deficient and in pain whenever I went for a long walk. After tanning for a few months, I've got the same vitamin D levels in my blood as an outdoor worker, and going for a walk is no longer a problem. 

My vitamin D level? 75 ng/ml. Before tanning, it was just 11 ng/ml.

Do you know your vitamin D level? I’m amazed how many of my friends STILL don’t know theirs. That’s why I make it a point to tell them my story — how sunshine changed my life. How a girl who never thought she could go outside without burning herself now enjoys regular sun and tans moderately in a salon. How I’m convinced that vitamin D supplements could never have done all of that.

Sunlight makes endorphins in your skin when you’re exposed. It regulates your production of serotonin. No vitamin D pill can do that. Could it be any more obvious that we need to let some sun back into our lives?

This story needs to be told over and over again. And that’s why I do it.

Get your vitamin D level checked. It’s called a calcidiol test. You need to be 40-60 ng/ml (100-150 nmol/L) to be sufficient. ( And sunlight is nature’s way of getting your vitamin D the right way.

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